We are all in the grip of a global pandemic caused by the rapid spread of a deadly virus. But there is one thing that can spread faster than the COVID virus: online information! Sharing solutions to specific problems we all face is the best way to fight this disease.

But here’s the problem. When we go online for help, we are faced with a long list of videos, articles and news reports. How do we find what we need? Some are very practical, but the source is not known or reliable. Some are from very reliable sources, but the information is not presented in a practical easy to follow way.

That’s why we created this COVID-19 Action Info Guide. Our aim is to save time for healthcare providers, decision makers and the general public by doing the work of collecting and reviewing the wide range of materials online related to a variety of specific needs, in order to identify reliable, actionable information.

We’re not experts in all of the topics covered in each of our pages. Each page has a team that does searches. They review the online resources they find and pick the top few which seem to be the most practical and reliable.

We also share most of the other links, so you can look through them too. We also ask for visitors to recommend links to better online resources than the ones we found, or to report links they feel are questionable.

We hope you find this website helpful in your fight. We are trying to make this website easy to use, transparent in the criteria we use, reliable, updated regularly, and reflective of user feedback.

Our project depends on user input and volunteers from all over the world. If you’d like to join our team, leave a comment below with your area of expertise and interest.

This project was designed and supported by the Johns Hopkins Center for Bioengineering Innovation & Design (CBID), and the generous time of volunteers who have reviewed and curated the resources in each panel. None of the resources linked to in this site are endorsed by JHU or CBID or contributors to this project.


Dr. Youseph Yazdi is the director of the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design and Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Dr. Harshad Sanghvi is a senior medical advisor and previously vice president and chief medical officer for Jhpiego, with a 40 year career in women’s health, innovation and technical assistance to many low and middle income countries   

Dr. Michelle Colder Carras is a public health scientist and informaticist specializing in digital health.

Joshua de Souza is a Biomedical Engineer at Johns Hopkins University. He works at the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design and specializes in the design and implementation of healthcare solutions in the form of technologies and processes.

Matthew Carras is an information technology specialist specializing in digital health research support.

Anwesha Maharana is a graduate student experienced in research, content creation, and dissemination.

Meg Glancey is a program manager at the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design with a background in global health.

Dr. Somesh Kumar is a public health physician with 20 years of experience in designing, and implementation for Global Health programs across Asia and Africa. As Jhpiego’s Senior Director of Global Solutions and Innovations, he provides vision and strategic direction to identify, conceptualize and accelerate the implementation of transformative programmatic, policy, process, and technology innovations.

Dr. Chandrakant Ruparelia is a Sr. Technical Advisor at Jhpiego-a Johns Hopkins University affiliate. He is a public health professional with more than 35 years of experience in designing, developing, implementing and managing public health programs in more than 20 countries with current focus on Infection Prevention and Control and Immunization.